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What we do

Our Four-Step Recruiting process helps us deliver the best talent. It is both thorough and strategic.


At Monarch Recruiters we offer three types of recruitment services: 

Contingency Searches are best utilized for high-visibility positions or those “tough-to-fills.”  Our service fee of 20% is payable only when you hire our candidate.  We invoice upon written acceptance and the replacement warranty is predicated on receipt of our fee within 30 days from date of invoice.  So that we’re clear, we place the same priority on our client’s search as they do. If it is a priority to you, it is a priority to us!


Retained Searches receive our highest priority and are best for senior-level recruiting needs.  We require a 30% non-refundable deposit upon initiation of the search.  We receive another 30% upon presentation of a short list of three candidates and the balance of our fee is due 30 days after the candidate’s start date.  We have exclusivity on this search until filled and will be paid for any candidate hired. This is the highest priority search that our office conducts. 

Our experienced team recognizes that each recruiting assignment has a unique set of challenges and rewards. To answer the increasingly wide range of demands, we have at our fingertips a complete portfolio of recruiting tools including:

  • Project teams dedicated to fulfilling complex or multiple recruiting assignments. Our clients interact with one contact, an Account Executive, who oversees the recruiting team, organizes all behind-the-scenes recruiting activity, and delivers timely reports on the team’s progress.

  • An in-house database with thousands of candidates, all of whom have been interviewed by a Monarch Recruiters team member.

  • Access to over 400 million LinkedIn resumes, including access to every LinkedIn member profile.

We are a contingency direct placement recruiting firm specializing in connecting top talent! Call us today so we can deliver the best for your needs. 


  • Proposal and Capture

  • Pricing and Program Control

  • Engineering and Engineering Management

  • Computer and Information Security

  • Business Development and Sales

  • Technical and Information Technology

  • Recruiters


  • Director of Sales

  • Sales Engineers (Pre and Post Sales)

  • Enterprise Account Managers

  • Channel Territory Account Managers

  • Systems Engineers

  • Product Marketing Managers

  • DevOps Engineers​​

Recruitment Process


Monarch Recruiters has a thorough and strategic recruitment process. We use a variety of techniques to identify and deliver top talent.  Before we begin a search we work with our clients to develop a written recruiting plan, which sets forth a detailed job description, identifies specific job requirements, and defines the hiring process that will be employed throughout the process of the search. We have learned that establishing these parameters is critical to the overall success of the search.

We use our recruiting plan as a baseline to search an extensive in-house candidate database, LinkedIn, Job Boards, and we also go directly into the marketplace to isolate and extract “impact players” from companies in your targeted niche.  This later activity is often a delicate process, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that we have targeted the proper mix of corporations and to ensure that we have not violated teaming arrangements. We also utilize a number of Internet search techniques in the conduct of our business. The development of a recruiting plan, coupled with a blend of direct and indirect recruiting and hard work has been the cornerstone of our success!

We use a Four-Step Recruiting process to identify, qualify, interview, submit and close candidates for best results. 

Step One: We identify potential candidates targeted from your direct competitors as well as using our in-house database and knowledge of the marketplace. 

Step Two: We qualify the candidates by first executing a detailed call plan and scoring each candidate, and referral, against a detailed recruiting plan.  We priority rank the top candidates and schedule them for detailed interviews.

Step Three: We conduct detailed interviews, focusing on the most recent five jobs to include their achievements, salary history, and the reasons for job changes. We also gather other key metrics such as their academic achievements, their goals, strengths, weaknesses, and management capacity.  We priority rank the top candidates and introduce them to our clients using a detailed description coupled with a current copy of their resume. 

Step Four: Closing the Candidate:  Monarch Recruiters provides continuous assistance to our client throughout the hiring process. Most notably, we work with them to “close” the candidate. This can be a delicate process and we take great pride on our success rate. This is especially important during the resignation process because impact players are in short supply and they are subject to aggressive counter offers. We focus on counter offers throughout the interview process and are particularly diligent during the resignation and termination process. In short, to the best of our abilities - we deliver our candidates!

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